Got bug problems? Factory Direct Chemicals has the solution! Whether you have a wasp and hornet problem or being invaded by an army of fire ants, we stock a bulk amount of aerosols that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. We also have an eco-friendly, all-natural insecticide for pet owners. Shop our bulk supply of fruit fly repellants available by the gallons as well as a concentrated, water-dilutable and emulsifiable insecticide.

Eco-Friendly Insecticide

Safely rid all of your schools, daycare centers, restaurants, kitchens, and food-processing plants of all creepy crawlers, insects, wasps and bees that can contaminate food and cause harm. This all-natural insecticide is the best solution to use because it’s safe around kids, pets, and food. This solution will last several weeks after application. The d-Limonene ingredient acts as a layer of wax that will cover the insect causing it to suffocate and expire. Use this effective solution in veterinary clinics, kennels, and pet day cares to keep the environment free from fleas and other worrisome insects like Silverfish, Palmetto Bugs, Roaches, and more. Place your order of our eco-friendly insecticide today!