REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent
REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent

REPEL PLUS Deer & Small Animal Repellent

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Repel Plus is a deer and small animal repellent. This specially formulated concentrated spray is designed to stop deer & small animals in their tracks, preventing them from eating ornamental and vegetable plants and detering them from coming into certain areas of your property. Perfect for gardens, landscapes, sheds, crawl spaces, garages, porches, attics, vent pipes, vehicles, trailers, and more.

  • SAFELY REPELS DEER & SMALL ANIMALS. Use Repel Plus to keep away deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, and voles from devastating your landscape or gardens. Repels small animals by both odor and taste.
  • YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION. Repel Plus can be used in all seasons throughout the year. Reduce damage from animals who seek shelter in your home/building in the colder months, and repel rabbits and squirrels from invading your lawn in the warmer months.
  • CONTAINS NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Repel Plus is environmentally compatible, using natural and non-toxic ingredients that do not cause harm to animals, humans, and the environment. PEPPERMINT-SCENTED.
  • WATER-RESISTANT FORMULA. Repel Plus won’t wash away from a storm or after routine irrigation. The product is readily diluted with water and can be applied with a pressure sprayer.


Repel Plus is environmentally compatible, using only natural ingredients that are harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds and aquatic life. Repel Plus will not wash off in the rain, by hosing, or from irrigation. It is readily diluted in water and applied with a pressurized sprayer. Repel is recommended as a bulb-dip to deter underground damage after planting. 

Fall & Winter: Dilute 1 part Repel Plus with 5 parts water. Spray diluted mixture every 1 to 2 months depending on severity of the problem. Repel Plus will last up to 2 months but it's recommended to spray more often if the problem is severe.

Spring and Summer: Dilute 1 part Repel Plus with 8 parts water. Spray dry plant surfaces sufficiently to coat both sides of leaves. Avoid spraying 6 hours before rainfall or hose watering. Repeat treatment every 10 to 14 days for best results. 

Active Ingredients (% by Wt.)
97.4384% Inert Ingredients
2.5% Putrescent whole egg solids
0.0156% Cloves
0.046% Garlic oil

Wintergreen oil, Vinegar, Fish meal, Fish oil, Urea, Magnesium sulfate, Magnesium silicate, Sodium benzoate, Cat food, Water.

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