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Pool & Spa pH Reducer | Sodium Bisulfate
Pool & Spa pH Reducer | Sodium Bisulfate

Pool & Spa pH Reducer | Sodium Bisulfate

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pH increaser

Pool & Spa pH Reducer will act quickly to correct your pool's pH level to re-establish an ideal swimming environment. This granular sodium bisulfate formula is safer, easier to use, and less corrosive than muriatic acid.

  • REVOLUTIONARY GRANULAR POOL pH REDUCER. Lower the pH of your pool, spa, or hot tub with Pool & Spa pH Reducer! This granular formula lowers high pool pH.
  • SAFER TO USE THAN MURIATIC ACID. Pool & Spa pH Reducer is safer and much easier to store than muriatic acid, as it is non-toxic, non-caustic, and biodegradable.
  • CORRECTS WATER CHEMISTRY AND HARMFUL POOL CONDITIONS. Use pool pH reducer to re-establish ideal swimming conditions. Fix cloudy water, chlorine instability, eye and skin irritation, and more.
  • STOPS SURFACE DAMAGE TO YOUR POOL. Pool & Spa pH Reducer will also stop equipment damage, surface damage, and algae buildup.
  • NO MORE SPLASHY CHEMICALS. Concerned about pouring muriatic acid into your pool? This granular reducer dissolves and disperses easily with no potential of splashback.


Why does it matter if my pool’s pH is too high?

pool side

Your pool’s pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pool’s pH gets too high, it will affect the effectiveness of the other chemicals, particularly chlorine. Ineffective chlorine can increase the likelihood of waterborne illnesses, skin irritation, cloudy water, equipment damage, pool tile scaling, and clogged filters. Learn more.

Why choose sodium bisulfate over muriatic acid?

easy to useIt goes to work fast.

You won’t have to wait long to see results with sodium bisulfate. The granular formula acts quickly and reduces your pool’s pH in just minutes to re-establish ideal swimming conditions.

safe to useIt's safe and easy to use.

Compared to muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate is much easier to handle and measure. You can figure out exactly how much you need, and you don’t have to worry about splashback.

Use Pool & Spa pH Reducer in:





spa and hot tub

Spas & Hot Tubs


Follow the instructions listed on the left panel. Dosage rates will vary depending on your pool's volume & current pH level. The initial dosage is 15-30 oz. per 10,000 gallons. Once measured, simply pour the granular formula directly into the pool. Turn on your pool so the granules are evenly distributed. Don’t have a pool pump? No problem. Just use a paddle to circulate the water yourself.


Q: Can this product be used in saltwater pools? A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Can this be used in place of muriatic acid? A: Yes. 

Q: Can I use this product for next season if there is any leftover product? A: Yes, this product does not expire when stored properly.

Q: How much of this do I use for a 40,000-gallon pool if the pH is at 8.0? A: You would want to add 7.5 lbs of this product to your pool.

Q: How do I use this product? A: Simply just pour it straight into the pool water undiluted. Scoop is not included.

Q: What percentage of this is sodium bisulfate? A: This product is 94% sodium bisulfate at minimum.

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