Hand Care

Hand Care

Keep your hands bacteria-free with any one of our hand-cleaning solutions. Whether it’s for commercial or industrial use, Factory Direct Chemicals has an assortment of hand-cleaning solutions. View our online selection of multi-purpose hand towels individual dispensers, sanitizing, or cart handle wipes. These are available in 6 and 12-canister cases that’s portable and can easily fit on hotel cleaning carts and are often used in medical offices, schools, correctional facilities, hotels, and other widely populated establishments. For industrial and construction uses, shop the Total Solutions Waterless Hand Cleaner without Grit or the E2 Foaming Hand Soap that includes antibacterial & antimicrobial ingredients that’s often used in the foodservice industry.

Fight the Flu Virus With Bacteria-Killing Hand Sanitizers

Get control of the germs in your establishment with bacteria-fighting hand cleaners and sanitizers to fight off the flu virus and other contagious microbes. Whether you’re looking for disposable wipes by the bulk, or just extra-strength anti-bacterial solution, Factory Direct Chemicals has the product to suit your specific needs.

All industrial cleaners don’t have to smell like hospital soap either! Choose from our selection of coconut-scented or Citra Clean hand cleaners that leave a pleasant orange scent, a perfect product for hotels, spas, country clubs, and restaurants.

See what other hand-cleaning solutions Factory Direct Chemicals has available to you at wholesale prices.