Herbicides (Weed Killers)


Herbicides (Weed Killers)

You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to need a supply of herbicides, but many are and Factory Direct Chemicals is their one-stop shop for every kind of weed-killing product. Shop our selection of non ionic surfactant for lawns, turfs, soils, and foliage. Keep ponds and lakes clean with our concentrated aquatic weed killer. We also have a selection of bromacil soil liquid weed killer and for easier applications, shop our 4% Bromacil Granule Herbicide. If you’re looking for a specific weed killer for turfs, then be sure to look at our 3.73% Prometon Concentrate of Turf King that’s available by the gallon.

Get Rid of Weeds without Harming Landscape

One of the main problems that home and business owners have with landscaping is keeping a well-maintained lawn of grass that’s free of weeds. Oftentimes, many over-the-counter weed-killing solutions don’t last very long. Factory Direct Chemicals stocks industry-strength Triple Threat Foam Selective Herbicide that kills up to 140 different kinds of weeds. The aerosol has a special dispensing foaming action that allows the chemicals to go directly on the weeds without harming surrounding vegetation. The foaming spray also allows the landscaper to see exactly where the herbicide is applied to in order to avoid over application.

Barren Aerosol is another powerful, long-lasting herbicide that is formulated for non-cropland areas that are far from residential and recreational areas. This product is ideal for parking lots, industrial sites, loading ramps, pipelines, railroads, etc.

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