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One of the more popular cleaning solutions that need to be purchased in bulk is floor cleaning solutions. No matter what industry you’re working in, clean floors are always a priority. Whether you’re trying to clean up stubborn stains, pry gum off the floor or strip away layers of other cleaning solutions that have been caked on for years, Factory Direct Chemicals has the product you need. Make your floors shine with our Ultra Line of Floor Finish & Sealer Solution with 33% high solids. For factories and warehouses, you might want to consider the Ultra Line NC Stripper, a non-corrosive floor stripper that’s a great aggressive stripout for asphalt, tile, concrete and other tough surfaces.

Keep Floors Safe From Greasy Residue


Factory Direct Chemicals stocks a large array of floor stripping solutions

that will break through layers of oil-stained floors that often times provide a slippery surface. Greasy floors not only contain tons of filth and germs, but it’s also a hazard and is as dangerous as a wet floor. Purchase a bulk supply of Factory Direct Chemicals’ Concrete Cleaner and Etch that bleaches and cleans in one step. This solution is specially made for concrete floors and similar surfaces. It is formulated to open pores of hard surfaces whitening the concrete and preparing it for painting and sealing. We also have the Clear Cut, Non-Ammoniated Wax Stripping Concentrate for floors that require the removal of acrylic and synthetic floor finishes. Use this solution on natural stone, linoleum, vinyl, hardwood floors, tile, or bamboo.

Keep Floors Safe From Greasy Residue