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Whether you are treating your lawn with fertilizer, insecticides, or spraying chemicals to dirt preventing the formation of dust clouds, any one of these sprayers will help you get the job done in an efficient amount of time. Factory Direct Chemicals has a variety of products to help you extract your product from your drum.

Choose from:

  • Manual portable Syphon Pump
  • 2-gallon pump
  • 4-gallon backpack sprayer

Our affordable 2-gallon pump sprayer or double up with our 4-gallon backpack sprayer that’s designed to tote around a little easier. For ease of transporting a drum barrel from Point A to B, consider the 55-Gallon Drum Cradle with Wheels. Complete with a handle for leverage, this drum cradle is equipped with Polyolefin wheels, durable enough to move 600 lbs. of product around without straining your back. It’s made of steel and cross-braced for durability and sure to last for years in your warehouse.

Electric Drum Pump Dispenser

You can even invest in our battery-operated Pail Pump Dispenser. Dispense your products in record time with the easy setup, battery-operated Pail Pump Dispenser with no hard wiring required. You can even choose our most cost-efficient choice and invest in a Heavy-Duty Drum Barrel with Manual Siphon pump. Place your order today and get free shipping!