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Drain Openers

Drain & Septic Care

Factory Direct Chemicals is your #1 source for Sewer and Drain Openers.  We have both enzymes and powdered drain openers to meet all of your plumbing needs.  Our products are effective against animal fats, vegetable oils, hair, paper, organic matter and hard-water soap deposits.

If you’re looking for a drain cleaner that will unblock sewage pipes and prevent the future of clogged drains, then shop our selection of drain openers that can be purchased by the bulk at reasonable wholesale prices. We have a variety of Green Gobbler and Total Solutions drain openers that are strong enough to dissolve the toughest clogs. Some of our products can actually work as a toilet plunger! You can unclog your toilet without splashing any messy slug around. You can also purchase some of our prevention products that will break down any thick slug and hard-to-dissolve materials.

Powerful Eco Friendly Drain Openers

When it comes to looking for an industrial-strength eco-friendly drain cleaner, they’re sometimes difficult to find. Many businesses are skeptical that such a thing even exists! Through Factory Direct Chemicals, our line of Green Gobbler drain cleaners and openers are gentle on the environment, but tough on the dirt and grime. This is the kind of product you want to use to unclog your drains and preserve the environment. Factory Direct Chemicals has an abundant supply of powerful eco-friendly drain openers in a variety of selections. Shop today!