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96% Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets - SNOW & ICE Melter

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The smartest way to melt snow and ice.

Move over rock salt. Take care of snow and ice in a smarter, faster way with 96% Calcium Chloride Pellets. This ice melt works better than rock salt by leaps and bounds, melting snow and ice quickly in temperatures as low as -40°F.

Calcium chloride pellets are colorless, odorless, and round in shape — a sharp contrast to rock salt's jagged granules. Concrete spalling won't be an issue, as calcium chloride lowers the refreezing temperature of melted ice, keeping the potentially harmful freeze-thaw cycle at bay. 

This winter, don't settle for rock salt. Invest in 96% Calcium Chloride Pellets, a well-rounded, high-performance ice melt.

  • Melts snow and ice 4x faster than rock salt
  • Generates exothermic heat to melt thick snow and ice
  • Works in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lowers the re-freezing temperature of melted ice
  • Leaves no leftover residue and does not track
  • Controls the freeze-thaw cycle (preventing concrete spalling)


Melt snow & ice, even in the most frigid conditions.

96% Calcium Chloride Snow & Ice Melt Pellets work in temperatures as low as -40°F. Whether you live in Milwaukee or Montauk, you can trust calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, no matter how far down the mercury drops.


calcium chloride pelletsPerfectly shaped pellets.

The round shape really makes a difference. While rock salt's flat granules lay flat on the surface, our rounded pellets bore through thick layers of snow and ice, creating a brine more quickly.

concrete spalling corrosion

No spalling or corrosion.

After snow melts, the leftover salt/water mix seeps into the concrete. Calcium chloride prevents absorbed water from refreezing and expanding, which prevents scaling and spalling. 

Generates heat.

Calcium chloride generates exothermic heat upon contact, melting snow and ice up to four times faster than rock salt. If you need to clear snow promptly, use calcium chloride ice melt.

Less is more.

With calcium chloride, a little goes a long way. One pail of pellets last weeks longer than rock salt. Aim for a constellation-type spread on your property to avoid overuse.


Spread the pellets on any outdoor surface. Pellets can be applied before or after a snowfall.

For best results: apply at the beginning of the snowstorm, if possible. Spread pellets evenly over desired areas. For even and accurate coverage, use with spreader equipment.

Additional info:

96% Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets are available in a convenient pail for easy handling and distribution. However, if you've got a rotary spreader, that's even better. Our perfectly shaped pellets work well with traditional equipment. Also 96% Calcium Chloride is: 

  • Safe to use to melt snow on roofs, porches, walkways
  • Perfect for homeowners, businesses & municipalities
  • Available for bulk purchase in pails & pallets
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