35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride label
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer
35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer

35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-icer

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Our 35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-Icer is a highly effective liquid product that continues to work in temperatures as low as to -40ºF. Trust this non-staining, non-toxic, and non-corrosive formula to cut through frost, snow, and ice with ease. Best of all, our product lasts longer and requires fewer applications than other brands found at retail stores. You've never worked with a formula like this. Clear snow and ice fast with our 35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-Icer today.



35% Liquid Calcium Chloride is non-toxic.

This 35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-Icer is non-toxic. Our formula won’t harm your pet’s paws, so you can have peace of mind when taking your four legged friend outside. This product also won’t harm grasses or vegetation.


Won't stain surfaces

This product won’t stain surfaces or leave a residue. After the snow and ice melts this de-icer won’t leave you with a mess to clean up.


Effective in extreme weather

Calcium chloride works by forming a brine which melts ice. Our product is proven to be more effective in freezing temperatures than competitor's ice melts.

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Liquid calcium chloride is a salt compound that is safe for many surfaces. Our de-icer is made up of 35% calcium chloride and can be used on concrete and roofs without causing corrosion.


Dual-purpose formula

Liquid calcium chloride isn’t only used for de-icing and pre-wetting. it can also be used for dust control when paving parking lots, roads, and driveways.


Liquid Deicer: Apply one to three gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. This fluid works best when applied in narrow bands to minimize dilution from melting. The liquid will penetrate the snow and ice and break the bonds to the pavement.

Aid to Solid Deicers: Liquid ice melt is also used as an aid to solid deicers in heavy ice situations. Apply the solid deicer to punch holes in the solid ice. Then apply this product on top of the solid deicer to break bonds with the pavement.

Ice Prevention: Apply at a rate of 1/2 to 1 gallon per 1,000 sq. ft. to prevent snow and ice from forming on the surface.

Pre-Wetting Agent: Use as pre-wetter for solid ice melt products. Because this liquid ice melt has a very low freezing point it significantly improves the performance of solids and does not clog spray nozzles. Salt and other granular ice melts need moisture to start working. Many granular ice melters can not begin melting snow and ice in very low temperatures. By pre-wetting with this product, the liquid portion will begin melting snow immediately allowing the granular ice melts to do their job.

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