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Get to the bottom of your leaks - no matter how big or how small!

Factory Direct Chemicals - Tracing Dye

This ultra concentrated liquid tracing dye is designed for use in all types of commercial and residential applications. It helps with flow-time studies, swimming pool & spa leaks, septic system inspections, heating/cooling system inspections, sewer line tracing, toilet tank leaks, lake/pond water loss, overflow analysis and many other pollution control efforts. It creates an intense fluorescent color for maximum visibility under a wide variety of conditions with or without a UV light. This dye is non staining and will wash out of virtually any surface or fabric. 

General Uses:

  • Tracing plumbing and leak detection
  • Tracking storm and sewer drains
  • Lake, river and pond studies
  • Power plant piping tracing 
  • Pollution studies
  • Septic system analysis
  • Flow Mapping, rate and volume analysis.
  • Retention time studies

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly visible and distinctive fluorescent color can be measured using "black" ultraviolet light or precisely measured with a fluorometer.
  • Concentrated formula is non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Excellent for finding leaks and conducting time-flow studies.
  • Can be used when there is no sun or in low light conditions.
How Does it Work?

Our water tracing dyes are made of harmless fluorescent colorants that are made into stable solutions. They are 100% safe to use. You won't find glycol or any other toxic additives in our formula.

What makes our dyes visible? Particle vibration! That's what makes them "glow." We use vibrant yellow-green and reddish-pink particles in our dyes, making them easy to track. Whether you're using a tracer dye in a swimming pool or toilet tank, you can trust our non-toxic formula for easy tracing and detection.

Septic System

Our Tracing Dye is widely used by homeowners and plumbing contractors to trace sewer lines connected to Septic Tanks. Wastewater lines sometimes collapse causing the wastewater to discharge into the ground rather then the septic system. Tracing Dye allows for a visual confirmation as to whether or not the wastewater is making its way into the tank.


Water tracing dye can also be used for parties, celebrations, and festivals. Safe on stone and concrete and safe for the environment. Many of our customers use it to dye decorative water fountains and even swimming pools. Typically the chlorine in the swimming pool will remove the dye within a day or 2. 

Tracing Dye - Pond

Water tracing dye is excellent for tracking and tracing various flows in streams, lakes, ponds, and liquid systems. Our product is safe for marine use and is non-toxic and biodegradable therefore it will not harm any fish or wildlife. 


The water tracing dye dissolves rapidly in water, producing a vivid and bright, easy to see color. Water tracing dyes are excellent for identifying diffusion and dispersion patterns, rates of flow, discharge locations, seepage areas, sea marking, and more. Liquid tracer dyes can be used safely in any Septic and Sewage systems, Heating and Cooling Systems, Lakes/Ponds & Swimming Pools/Spas. Our product will not stain and is 100% biodegradable. Safe for the planet and non toxic to wildlife and aquatic life. 

Use the Tracing Dye in Pool Systems

Use 1 cup of dye per 300 gallons of water

Use 1 gallon of dye per 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water

SDS Data Sheet

LED Light

Use our LED Flashlight to make your fluorescent tracing dye visible! Click the above banner for more details.



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