Why is Dust Control So Important?

Dust control is more than just important; it's necessary. If you fail to control the dust from your unpaved roadway or unfinished construction project, you're putting your crew and yourself in danger. Not to mention you're putting pedestrians and nearby drivers in danger as well. No matter who you are or where you're going, you shouldn't have to fight through dust to get to the finish line. You could get yourself hurt. 

Workers across the country are dealing with the true costs of dust every day. If you're kicking up dust every time you leave your work site, it's time to invest in a dust control system. Here are more than a few good reasons why you should order a dust suppressant for your construction site, unfinished roadway or gravel driveway:

You won't get injured.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, construction counted for one in five worker deaths in 2017. Companies should do everything in their power to bring down the risk of a work site injury.

By investing in dust control, you can keep the air clear, and your worker can see what they're stepping over--or worse, what they're not stepping on. 

You won't wreck your vehicle.

If you haven't already guessed, visibility is a big reason why dust control is so vital. Seeing what's in front of you is important, but seeing what's behind you is crucial, especially if you're operating heavy equipment. 

Not only that: pedestrians and other passersby should be able to travel to and from their destination without fighting through dust. If a pedestrian or driver gets into an accident. you could get in serious trouble. 

Avoid the mess by controlling the dust and you won't have to worry about accidents at all. 

You can avoid serious fines.

Dust control fines are getting more strict in cities across the United States. Not only does dust impair visibility, it pollutes the air. Cities and counties will keep their eyes peeled for dust control violations on construction sites.

Instead of paying the fine, pay for dust control and save yourself from any legal hassle. 

If you want to avoid municipal fines, workplace injuries and health problems, consider investing in dust control. Factory Direct Chemicals sells pure calcium chloride in both liquid and pellet form. Our emulsion mixtures will suppress dust on unfinished dirt and gravel roadways, as well as construction sites. 

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