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What You Should and Shouldn't Clean With Vinegar

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Vinegar is strong. Like Captain America strong. Like a mother protecting her kids strong. You can even order stronger concentrations of vinegar for an extra punch. Merriweather is even shaking in his boots.

If you’re switching to vinegar from a weak, off-brand cleaner, woo-boy: you’re in for a treat! Vinegar is a powerful acetic acid that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces in the home. That’s right: it’s not just for tomorrow’s dinner recipe. Combine vinegar with baking soda, lemon juice or orange oil, and you’ve got a mighty effective cleaner on your hands.

Don't get us wrong: Vinegar is an effective and handy cleaner. However, it can’t be used to clean everything. Before you start spraying down your entire house, here are a few Dos and Don’ts for cleaning with vinegar.

DO clean

Your appliances. Yes, vinegar can be used to clean the crud in your fridge, the spots in your microwave and any weird marks in your washing machine. Mix equal parts water and vinegar together for a gentle yet effective appliance cleaner.

Your windows. Leave streaks to Snapchat and sports teams. For a streak-free window that shines, try using vinegar.

Your entire bathroom. You ever look around your bathroom and think, how long has that been there? You know what? Let’s not think about it. Clean the gook and grime and the unspeakable urine stains in your bathroom with a nice mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda.

Your smelly drain. A drain with an unpleasant smell can make cooking even more of a chore. But there’s an easy way to fix that. Mix water, vinegar and baking soda together and slowly pour it down your kitchen drain. Let the mixture bubble for about 15 minutes, then rinse with hot water. Should do the trick.

Your smelly towels. Can’t get the sour smell out of your favorite set of towels? Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bucket and soak your towels in the mixture for a while. Sprinkle in some baking soda for extra odor-neutralizing power.

DON'T clean:

Your stone countertops. Do you own granite or marble countertops? Don’t clean them with vinegar. The acid can etch into the surface and ruin your kitchen.

Your waxed wooden furniture. Vinegar will strip the wax off your furniture, so your best bet is to use furniture polish.

Your iron. You might’ve seen an iron cleaning hack on Pinterest, but it's time to unpin that "helpful" hack. Vinegar could easily damage the inner workings of your iron.

DOUBLE CHECK before you clean:

Your clothes. Yes, vinegar works wonders on clothes. Throw in a cup of vinegar with regular laundry detergent and watch stains disappear. But be careful: don’t mix vinegar and bleach! The mixture can create a toxic gas.

Your pots and pans. Soap and water not doing the trick? Try using vinegar to clean the rust, but only after you add baking soda and dilute the vinegar with water.

Stock up on powerful vinegar to use in your home and garden.

Vinegar has hundreds of uses -- we're not exaggerating! With one simple Google search, you can find unique ways to use vinegar around your home and garden. You don't have to spend money on faulty cleaners anymore. Just buy a couple gallons of industrial strength vinegar and you'll have the magical cleaning power of the world right in the palm of your hands. We sell 10, 20 and 30 percent vinegar right here at Factory Direct Chemicals. Create your own powerful vinegar cleaner today! 

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