This Is the Best Way to Control Fire Ants

Red fire ants are annoying. There's no doubt about it. They're also surprisingly aggressive. Disrupt a fire ant mound, and the ants will rush out of the mound and attack. And your ankles are their number one target. 

There are plenty of ways to control the number of fire ants on your property. But not all of those methods are efficient or effective.

So what's the best way to you get rid of those fire ants once and for all? We have a solution that you may not have heard of. 

But first, if you want to control ants, you need to think about your strategy. 

If your property is overrun with fire ants, you need to craft a strategy that is based on what you're experiencing.

First, think: Do you know where the ants are coming from? If you do, you could go from ant mound to ant mound and treat each one. But treating each mound individually could take some time. Also, many liquid insecticides are not friendly to animals, humans and the environment in general. So if you happen to use too much insecticide, you could end up funneling harmful chemicals into the environment for no reason. Try to do some research before you pick up a product in the insecticide aisle. Read product reviews and learn the best strategies from other people online. 

Also, avoid cheap pesticides. They probably don't work. 

If you don’t know where the ants are coming from, try a broadcasting method. By applying a spreadable insecticide over a large area, you can tame infestations without worrying about harmful liquid pesticides. But read the product label before spreading the insecticide in your garden. Some spreadable insecticides are lethal to plants and wild animals.

For easy and effective fire ant control, invest in a fire ant and insect dehydrator.

Did a friend suggest an insect dehydrator? Give them a pat on the back. Using a dehydrating powder is the best way to tackle fire ant colonies around your home or business. They must really know their stuff.

You won’t find a more natural way to take care of fire ants than a dehydrator. For example, FDC's product Demise contains sodium dioxide and Pythretuhum, a botanical insecticide extracted from a perennial daisy. This refined powder solution will stick to the bodies of invasive ants to contaminate the colony and kill the Queen. 

For an easy solution to your ant problem, try this.

Kill fire ants, bees and other insects with Demise Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator. This powder stops insects in their tracks. Those stingy-happy ants and gross cockroaches will never know what hit ‘em. Sprinkle the powder around your property as a form of broadcast pest control.