Pure Sodium Percarbonate: 12 Things to Consider Before Placing a Bulk Order

Pure Sodium Percarbonate: 12 Things to Consider Before Placing a Bulk OrderPure sodium percarbonate is an environmentally friendly, white, granular form of hydrogen peroxide. It can be used for cleaning, bleaching, and stain removing. It releases very concentrated forms of hydrogen peroxide and breaks down into oxygen and water. There are many benefits of using pure sodium percarbonate and a few things to keep in mind while utilizing this powerful cleansing product.

 12 Things to Consider Before Placing a Bulk Order

  1. Because pure sodium percarbonate is a granulated powder, it is excellent for scrubbing tough stains and tile grout. It can even be combined with other chemicals to make a paste.
  2. One of the best uses for this chemical is laundry cleaning, especially when it comes to white items. De-stain, deodorize, and whiten all with one eco-friendly chemical.
  3. Sodium percarbonate is extremely cost-effective. Only a small amount of the product needs to be used when working with this agent because it’s so concentrated.
  4. This cleansing agent works well for hot water solutions such as carpet-cleaning soap formulations and mopping tile floors.
  5. Sodium percarbonate can be used as an antiseptic for cleaning: kitchen surfaces, refrigerators, coffee pots, cutting boards, and bathrooms.
  6. Other beneficial applications for cleaning with sodium percarbonate include:
    1. Upholstery
    2. Curtains
    3. Mildew removal
    4. Woods decks
    5. Brick
  7. Because this chemical breaks down into water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate (soda ash), it is not an environmental hazard as opposed to some other strong cleaning chemicals. It’s much safer to use on fabrics than chlorine bleach and does not weaken the strength of the material over time.
  8. You must be careful to use the proper amount of pure sodium percarbonate when cleaning. It is a very strong, concentrated chemical. You might be tempted to use much more than you actually need and this could possibly lead to undesired issues.
  9. Be cautious when using this bleaching agent around colors. While it is considered to be a color safe cleanser, colors could still potentially fade or run. Additionally, it is not suitable for silk or wool.
  10. Never mix sodium percarbonate in a sealed container. The rapid release of oxygen could cause the holder to burst.
  11. For mixing purposes, it’s best recommended to mix this cleanser in hot water.
  12.  It takes a bit of time for sodium percarbonate to break down, so you need to be patient and wait for the full effects to kick in.

Invest in High Quality Sodium Percarbonate for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Purchasing quality-cleaning chemicals is always a smart idea for meeting your organization’s cleaning needs. High quality cleaning agents save you money in the long run; it speeds up the amount of time it takes to fight stains and bacteria, as well as cuts down on the amount of effort required to do so. Your professional maintenance staff will thank you.

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