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Industrial Strength Vinegar at Wholesale PricesThese days, it’s not too common to find industrial-strength vinegar on your grocery store shelf. A concentrated solution of vinegar will cost more and most people will go for the less expensive option, so it might not profit storeowners to invest in a supply of industrial vinegar. Even if they did, chances are they wouldn’t stock enough because the people who are in the market to buy the product are looking to purchase a lot of it, by the load or even by the tank! And grocery stores—even the wholesale stores may not have industrial strength vinegar ready to purchase in bulk at a moment’s notice—on a recurring basis.

So where exactly can you find industrial-strength vinegar at wholesale prices?

Look for a One-Stop Shop Distributor

Factory Direct Chemicals is a one-stop shopping source for janitorial appliances, cleaning solutions and more. We have supplied a variety of industries with maintenance supplies throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Stocking industrial-strength vinegar is just one of the products we offer at wholesale prices.

So, if you’re looking for a stronger strain of vinegar, Factory Direct Chemicals has a variety of options for industrial cleaning, home and garden use, or whatever kind of application you need it for.

Shop the following options:

  • Green Gobbler 30% Pure Natural Vinegar

Factory Direct Chemicals’ line of Green Gobbler products is quite popular with industries that are environmentally conscious. This eco-friendly solution entails 30% of pure natural vinegar. It’s natural. It’s safe, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Green Gobbler’s vinegar is six times more concentrated than the regular vinegar you’d buy at the grocery store. Use it for industrial use or dilute it with water and have your own personal supply for years to come. This option is a bit pricy, but it is well worth the investment if you’re in need of a bulk supply of natural cleaning products.

Organic Industrial Strength

  • 30% Non GMO White Vinegar

This 300-Grain White Vinegar is made of premium organic alcohol that is made from the fermentation of plants that have also been organically grown. It serves as a sustainable and safe alternative to household cleaning products that include chemical agents.

  • 30% Home & Garden Vinegar

If you’re looking for a stronger solution of white distilled vinegar for home, garden and farming applications, consider our 300-Grain White Vinegar option. It’s a natural, concentrated brand that you will not find on your superstore shelves and is great for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. This strain of vinegar is made from grain-based ethanol that is then converted to acetic acid and diluted to a preferred acidity with water. Since this is a concentrated version, you can add more water if you require less of an acidic solution.

  • 20% Home & Garden Vinegar

If you’re in need of industrial strength vinegar, but nothing as strong as the 300-Grain Vinegar, Factory Direct Chemicals has a stock of 200-Grain White Vinegar—less acidic, but stronger than the off-the-shelf vinegars.

Uses for Industrial-Strength Vinegar

Since you’re already in the market for industrial-strength vinegar, here are some other ways you can use any of these products:

  • Cleaning windows streak-free
  • Removing hard water stains
  • Removing rust from metal around tubs
  • Whitening grout
  • Getting rid of pet stains and urine
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Use it as an air freshening agent (with the proper ingredients)
  • Keep your copper cookware looking brand new
  • Trouble with water pressure? Try dipping your shower head in some industrial strength vinegar

With Factory Direct Chemicals, there is no minimum order. Purchase your industrial strength vinegar by the gallon or by the tanker load. We have that much! Place your order online with us today, or call and speak to one of our representatives at 888-656-7069.

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