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How to Get Rid of Potholes

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Driving over a pothole can be startling, not to mention harmful for cars. With pothole damage costing U.S. drivers nearly $3 billion per year according to AAA, it’s safe to say that the issue is widespread and costly. The smallest crack in roads can get larger and larger until forming a full-fledged indent that will rattle the car and potentially lead to substantial damage. And if driving over them often, the damage is recurring and can lead to serious issues. 

Potholes are harmful to your car, but they’re also dangerous and can lead to car accidents. They’re a hazard, plain and simple. But unfortunately, they are unavoidable, especially during cold rainy days or snowstorms. When water seeps into tiny cracks in the street and sits there, it can freeze within the pavement. When water freezes, it expands, causing small cracks to become larger and larger. And with cars constantly riding over them, the holes can become worse than they started off.

Potholes and cracks can not only form in roads, but on driveways as well. Whether you drive over potholes every day or you have one in your driveway, it’s imperative to get them taken care of. At their worst, they can cause destruction and accidents, and at the least, they’re a huge annoyance on your way to work. Either way, getting them fixed in a timely matter can save everyone from a hard time.

How to Get Rid of Potholes 

If you have a pothole on the road in front of your house, in your business parking lot, or on your driveway, you may want to fix it yourself. With the right equipment, tools, and spirit, you can fix your own potholes in as little as one or two hours. 

First, you’ll need a high-quality, easy-to-use road repair product, like Asphalt Patch. This product is a mix of limestone, quartz, a petroleum solvent, and a petroleum asphalt base, which are the perfect ingredients for a long-lasting, fast-drying road repair formula.  A product like this will easily patch up holes in the pavement in just a few steps and will hold up against heavy traffic.

All you have to do is:

  • Get yourself a tamper for packing the product into the hole safely.
  • Clean debris and loose rocks out of the hole and surrounding area for a clean application.
  • Fill the pothole with the formula until the product is about two inches above ground level.
  • Tamp the product down tight into the pothole until it’s compact.
  • Add more of the product and tamp until the hole is level with the road.

After you've finished packing in the formula, it's advised to put cones around it and prevent anyone from driving or walking on it for at least one hour. After this time is up, the formula should be fully dried and safe to drive over once again!

Keeping driving conditions safe is of the utmost importance. Car accidents and car damages are no joking matter, and having a product like Asphalt Patch is a great opportunity to fix these problems yourself in a safe and easy way. 

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