How to Finally Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Do the fruit flies in your kitchen make you want to scream? You're not alone! These elusive and evasive pests can take over your kitchen in just a matter of hours. How annoying.

If you didn't know, fruit flies are attracted to ripening and fermenting fruits and vegetables, like onions, peppers, bananas, and apples. So don’t be surprised if you see a few of those buggers zooming around your kitchen if you have a few bananas on the kitchen or an old tomato in your trash can.

First things first: to get rid of fruit flies, you need to figure where they're coming from. For starters, try to:  

  • Check your fruit bowl for overripe fruit
  • Take out the trash in your kitchen
  • Clean the dishes in your sink
  • Check your pantry for old produce
  • Run your dishwasher once without any dishes
  • Check your fridge for decaying vegetables or old leftovers

If none of those things did the trick, give your kitchen drain a closer look. Fruit flies are known to breed in garbage disposals, particularly in the spring and summer months. Fruit flies love moist environments with leftover food, so a kitchen drain can become their playground.

If the fruit flies are in your drain, you have a couple options. 

Create a vinegar trap.

Have you heard about the absolute wonder that is apple cider vinegar? Fruit flies love apple cider vinegar. because it’s sweet and organic. It's easy to create a trap with apple cider vinegar. Find a small container in your kitchen; an old salsa jar or Tupperware will work. Pour apple cider vinegar into the container and wrap the top with plastic film. Secure the film with a rubber band and poke numerous holes in the film with a toothpick or a pen. Place the container near your kitchen sink.

The fruit flies will crawl into the container only to be stuck inside. While it’s not the most attractive thing to have in your kitchen, it works for the most part.

Try using a drain gel.

Don’t want a jar of vinegar sitting next to your kitchen sink? Repel fruit flies at the source with a specialty drain gel: Fruit Fly Goodbye. Target fruit fly infestations directly by pouring the treatment down your drain or garbage disposal. The gel will cling to the walls of your pipes to suppress nests and eggs.

Fruit Fly Goodbye is made using citronella, a repellent obtained from the leaves and stems of lemongrass. It’s safe on pipes and takes care of fruit flies with one easy pour.

Say sayonara to fruit flies.

Fruit flies love to breed in kitchen drains. If you're swatting away fruit flies while you're cooking dinner, place an order for Fruit Fly Goodbye. Our thick gel clings to pipe walls to suppress fruit fly infestations and repel drain flies.

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