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How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

Patrick Bogans


Crumbs between your computer keys. Food stains on your kitchen counter. Long hair in the corners of your bathroom. Messes can show up everywhere, even in the tiniest nooks and crannies. But how on Earth are you supposed to clean those tight spaces without going insane?

Here are some innovative ways to clean hard-to-reach areas without moving heavy furniture or standing on a wobbly chair.

Your computer keyboard.

Think about how much you use your computer everyday. Now, think about how much you eat and drink while you’re doing work or surfing the web. When the right light shines on your keyboard, you can see the crumbs, the hair and whatever else is hanging out in-between the keys.

Not to worry: there’s an easy way to get whatever is in the cracks of your keyboard. Simply fold a post-it note and use the edge you’ve created to slide in between those keys. Does your keyboard have raised keys? Try a cotton swab. Worst case scenario, you can buy one of those compressed air containers to knock out what’s left. It’s a worthy investment.

The space between your fridge and the wall.

Ah, that wonderful space beside your fridge. That handy compartment for your mop, broom and Swiffer is almost as hard to get to as the last chip in a Pringles can. Because it’s such a tight space, it’s almost impossible to clean unless you move your fridge, but then you could end up hurting yourself or damaging your floor. 

Here’s what you can do: use the other end of your broom and drop a towel or wet cloth on the floor. Scoot the towel up and down the floor beside your fridge. That should take care of whatever’s fallen on the floor over the past few years. Might want to throw the towel in the washer immediately; you don’t want to look at what’s on it (we can tell you that from experience).

That skinny space between your sink and the wall behind it.

You know the one you can see in the reflection of your mirror? The one that has a few random hairs and God-knows-what-else? Awful, we know. Here’s an idea: spray the space down with whatever cleaner you have available. Let it soak for a few minutes. Then, either grab a cotton swab or fold a paper towel and shimmy it in-between the crack.

Your window tracks.

Crazy how much can get in that little area, isn't it? From hair to dead bugs to little leaves from the outdoors, your window track can collect a hodge-podge of terrible things that need to be cleaned. Instead of letting your blinds and shades cover up that mess, try cleaning it with a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Bend and shape the roll until it fits in the window track and slide it from one end to the other. You'll push all of the debris into one little pile that you can pick up with a paper towel. And once it's done, it's done!  

Your air vents.

Not only are dirty air vents unappealing, they can ruin your home's air quality. Clean the air vents in your home by using a few unconventional tools. First, use your vacuum's extender piece to collect any loose dust bunnies. Then, take a paper towel or cloth and place it on top of a spatula or butter knife. Slide the utensil in the cracks of your vent. After a few swipes, your vent will look better than ever.

Do you have any cool cleaning tips? We'd love to hear about them. Let us know on Facebook.

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