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Chemicals That Will Make Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Safe & Easy

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Chemicals That Will Make Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Safe & EasySummer is officially here! That means swimming pools may be a bit more populated for the next few months. Even in the warmer climates where pools are frequently used throughout the year, the summer months tend to bring in a lot of vacationers who might want to cool off. What that means for homeowners, hotels, spa owners, and public maintenance is an increase in upkeep.

What Kind of Upkeep Does a Swimming Pool Need?

Maintaining swimming pools requires a considerable amount of work. Keeping it clean and sanitary means making sure that the water levels are right. That means ensuring the pH levels are up, less the water becomes dirty and contaminated, causing a risk of infection.

The real trick is to keep the pH levels from getting too high or too low. You also want to keep the water clear from any debris or solids. Another thing you want to eliminate is any foam that may form on the surface due to all of the other chemicals…or things you may not want to think about!

So where exactly can you get all of these supplies?

Factory Direct Chemicals

Factory Direct Chemicals is an online distributor that specializes in supplying commercial cleaning products to companies nationwide. We have served as a one-stop shop for schools, hospitals, government agencies, military organizations, cleaning contractors and more. With Factory Direct Chemicals, you will be sure to find all of the pool cleaning products you’ll need in bulk at a discount price.

Here are the top 3 chemicals you’ll need to keep your pool clean and safe:

1. Pool pH Reducer – Sodium Bisulfate

Unless they specialize in pool cleaning, very few people will look for sodium bisulfate. But, if you’re looking for a pH reducer, this is exactly what you need.  Factory Direct Chemicals’ Pool pH Reducer is far safer to use than other alternatives. This kind of pH reducer has a granular sodium bisulfate and works with other chemicals to correct the water chemistry. It’s also an eco-friendly product! Starting out at $59.99 at 25 lbs., this product is offered in bulk. See what’s available to you here.   

2. Pool & Spa pH Increaser

Just in case you’ve used too much sodium bisulfate, then you’re going to need to bring that pH balance up a little more. This is where you’ll need Factory Direct Chemical’s Pool & Spa pH Increaser. It quickly corrects the acidity in your swimming pool. If swimmers are complaining about their eyes burning too much, this is the product you need. It not only reduces eye irritation, but also neutralizes the harsh effects of too much sodium bisulfate. You can place your order for this pH increaser here.

3. Total Solutions Pool Clarifier

Remember when we mentioned keeping foam? This is the product you need to get rid of that. Available by the gallon, this pool clarifier will keep your swimming pool and spa water clear by helping solids and debris sink to the bottom for easy vacuuming. Place your order for Total Solutions Pool Clarifier here.

If you are looking to keep your swimming pool safe, especially during the summer months when it is highly populated, look to Factory Direct Chemicals to supply you with an unlimited stock of pool maintenance solutions. As your trusted provider for swimming pool chemicals, you can ensure that your guests will have a safe and enjoyable experience at your establishment.

Factory Direct Chemicals accept major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon pay. Call to speak to one of our representatives and get a quote on your bulk order at 888-565-7069 today!

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