Can Commercial Strength Vinegar Be Used for Weed Control?

Whether you’re in the industrial or residential cleaning business—or another industry that is in need of high quality cleaning supplies for your home, garden, or farm, you’ve likely heard about the many benefits of vinegar.

Can You Use 30% Pure Vinegar to Kill Weeds?

A high concentration of vinegar is strong enough to get rid of tough stains. It’s also said to be used for lawn and garden purposes. While Factory Direct Chemicals does not personally recommend that you use this product for garden and lawn care, HGTV writer Mick Telkamp believes that vinegar is all you need to control weeds. He further states that “acetic acid in vinegar… is very good at drawing moisture from weeds.” Telkamp goes on to say that the results depend on the type of weed and the season.

There are an unlimited number of ways that you can use vinegar for the home and garden as well as in industrial facilities. Before you purchase expensive cleaning supplies that have harsh chemical ingredients, reach out to Factory Direct Chemicals to see if our industrial strength vinegar could serve the same purpose. If you’re thinking about using our concentrated brand of vinegar on your lawn and/or garden, consult a biologist and/or botanist before taking any action.

Why is Industrial Strength Vinegar So Beneficial?

The world in general has become more conscious of the environment as it pertains to their health. As a result, harsh chemicals have slowly been replaced with more natural alternatives such as vinegar and other organic agents. The reality is that many of these natural substances can do just as good of a job as some of the harsher chemicals.

Why Use Vinegar as Opposed to Harsher Chemicals

As mentioned above, there is a host of different ways to use vinegar, and many of them do not involve ingesting it. Here are some key benefits to using vinegar as opposed to harsh chemical cleaners.

  • Reduced costs – All types of cleaning supplies can be extremely expensive. Whether you’re purchasing a standard variety of chemically laced cleaning supplies, or eco-friendly, chemical-free versions, cleaning supplies aren’t cheap! By using commercial strength vinegar and obtaining it at wholesale prices from Factory Direct Chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that you’re helping the environment while saving money.
  • Go Green! – All types of companies are looking for ways to give back to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. One area where companies can quickly improve in this realm is by simply switching from harsh chemicals to more attractive eco-friendly alternatives like vinegar!

Where Does Vinegar Actually Come From?

Vinegar is actually made from the oxidization of ethanol that is contained in alcohol. Most often, that alcohol comes from grains. This oxidization process produces acetic acid that is the key ingredient contained in vinegar. This process creates vinegar which in turn is a natural cleaner and deodorizer that is completely non-toxic and made from renewable resources. Vinegar’s acidity allows it to be used as a degreaser, deodorizer, mold inhibitor, and even an antiseptic—all while being completely safe around pets, children, and those who may suffer from allergies.

Why Work With Factory Direct Chemicals?

If you’re looking for industrial strength vinegar at rock bottom prices, then look no further than Factory Direct Chemicals. We are a chemical wholesale distributor located in New York with years of experience formulating the highest quality chemicals for a wide range of industries. One of our best selling products is our Green Gobbler 30% Pure Natural Vinegar.

Want to Learn More about Our Wholesale Cleaning Products?

We hope that we’ve answered your questions about the many uses of commercial strength vinegar. If you still have questions or would like to learn more about our own Green Gobbler 30% Pure Natural Vinegar, call Factory Direct Chemicals today at 888-565-7069.