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4 Cleaning Tips for Avoiding the Flu

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Winter is here which means seasonal colds and the flu are here too. As the temperatures drop you’ll probably feel like going straight into hibernation. But if you want to avoid that winter cold that’s going around, you should think about giving your home a proper cleaning first.

Most of us overlook the germs that have been carried into our homes during the hustle and bustle of the holidays as contributors to that pesky cough. Think about it, you’ve been in and out of a hundred stores, you’ve hosted your extended family in your home, and your cubicle neighbor at the office has been hacking something up for a week. Now that I’ve got you panicking about germs, here are a few tips for disinfecting your home.



During the winter months I love to bundle myself up in warm blankets and lay on top of some fuzzy pillows next to the fireplace. That’s why I’ve included them on my list of things to disinfect. So many people use those throw blankets and couch pillows that you keep on the couch allowing for the transfer of cold and flu germs. You should be washing your throw blankets and pillow covers at least twice a month. If someone in your home is sick, give your linens an extra deep clean by putting them in the wash on a sanitizing cycle.


Hard Surfaces


Take a moment to think about all of the hard surfaces in your home that you and your family touch on a daily basis. If you’re anything like me you probably put your phone, keys, and bag (which has been on the floor at the office for 9 hours) on the counter when you get home from work. If you have kids I’m sure they toss their backpacks on the kitchen table while they grab an after school snack. Thousands of germs can get left behind on hard surfaces that you’ll later lean on or eat off of so it’s important to disinfect them a few times per week. I use cold pressed orange oil because it contains D-Limonene, a disinfecting agent. It also leaves my home smelling fresh and clean.

Shower and Bathtub


When you need to wash away the germs of the day you take a bath or a shower. But if your bathtub or shower is dirty, what’s the point? If you don’t disinfect them regularly you’ll just be adding to the germ count, not to mention all of the bacteria that is already growing there naturally. I clean my bathroom once a week in order to maintain a healthy environment. I use vinegar for this job because it’s great at breaking down buildup of soap scum and it removes mildew.


Everyday Items


Light switches, door knobs, faucets, remote controls, keyboards. What do all of these things have in common? You touch them every day, multiple times a day, and so does your family. When disinfecting the whole house many people tend to forget to wipe down objects that are touched every day. It’s important to disinfect these items in order to avoid picking up cold or flu germs that someone else may have left behind.

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