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17 Safety Tips for Buying Raw Chemicals Online

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When buying raw chemicals online, you want to make sure that the products you’re buying are able to be safely transported to your business or organization. Storing and handling raw chemicals properly is critical to both those who handle them and anyone who comes in contact with the area where they are being used.

Here are some essential safety rules to follow when buying and using raw chemicals:

Preparation for Raw Chemicals

          1. When your raw chemicals arrive at your business or organization, carefully handle them and make sure that all substances arrived properly sealed.
          2. Always be careful and methodical when working with raw chemicals. Plan and anticipate what can go wrong. Remember that with powerful chemicals, less is usually more.
          3. Read the safety instructions and store them accordingly.
          4. Avoid storing acids and alkalis together.
          5. Avoid storing strong acids and organic agents together.
          6. Oxidizing chemicals should be stored together and kept away from other substances. Oxidizing substances can easily react quickly with other raw chemicals.
          7. Always keep container lids tightly sealed when the raw chemicals are not being used.
          8. Do not store chemicals in a room with open floor drains. If there are floor drains in the room, make sure they are equipped with protection that prevents leakage in case spillage ever occurs in the room.
          9. Store combustible materials in fireproof cabinets or in separate spaces at all times when not in use.
          10. Store chemicals in their original packaging. It is important that the substance stored is clearly labeled and always disclose what risks are posed to users when utilizing the chemical.

Cautious Handling Raw Chemicals

          1. While handling and utilizing chemicals, follow the safe handling instructions (see the material safety data sheet) exactly provided on the original labeling. Properly identify what personal protection equipment will need to be used when working with the substance.
          2. Be extremely cautious regarding the mixing of chemicals. Read all substance instructions on the material safety data sheet (MSDS) carefully.
          3. Always wear personal protection equipment such as gloves and a facemask when instructions specify to do so.
          4. Any surplus raw chemicals and hazardous waste are to be dealt with precisely in according with the material safety data sheet.

Minimizing Risk When Using Raw Chemicals

          1. When using raw chemicals, first aid equipment must be present. This equipment should be stored with the raw chemicals as well in case issues ever arise.
          2. Keep the chemical storage room clean at all times. When utilizing the agents, keep yourself and your work area clean. Immediately after handling any substance, immediately wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. Minimize the risk of possible contamination by cleaning all work surfaces after use.
          3. Know the proper emergency procedures when storing and working with the raw chemicals. This includes knowing proper evacuation procedures, emergency reporting rules, and what to do if fires or spills occur. If a person is injured or subjected to raw chemicals, understand how it is best to act in the case of a medical emergency.

Safely Purchase Raw Chemicals from Factory Direct Chemicals

Understanding hazards and precautions is important whenever working with raw chemicals. To continue to reduce your risk when utilizing raw chemicals in your business or organization, decide whether the chemical you are working with is truly needed. In many instances, less hazardous chemicals to yourself and the environment can be used.

Understanding what substances are best for you may require the help of an expert in raw chemicals. At Factory Direct Chemicals, we have been helping businesses and organizations choose which products are right for them for over a decade. Our products and solutions are of the highest quality, and we take seriously the importance of proper safety measures. If you have any questions or concerns about buying raw chemicals online, please reach out to our highly trained staff today at 888-565-7069 or use our online contact form.

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