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Factory Direct Chemical Blogs

Alternatives to Bleach for Cleaning

Though chlorine bleach was discovered over two hundred years ago, it wasn’t until the early 1920s that it became an affordable and readily available chemical for households. Throughout that time, bleach has remained a popular color removing agent for everything from clothing to hair, as well as for disinfecting homes and businesses. More recently, however, bleach’s danger to both users and the environment has sparked a movement to promote the use of safer alternatives for cleaning. What Makes Bleach Dangerous? While the fact that bleach is such a cheap and common product available at your grocery store may lead to... Read more →

How to Clean Restaurant Appliances with Vinegar

It’s no secret that Americans love to eat out, and with such a high number of customers to deal with each week, it becomes all the more imperative for restaurants to be sure that they are keeping their kitchens clean no matter how busy they are. Clean kitchens reduce the chances of a patron becoming sick from viruses that love to populate on surfaces, such as salmonella or norovirus. If you’re sick of scrubbing down your kitchen at the end of each night with a bevy of noxious chemicals, there is a natural alternative you probably already have in your... Read more →

How is Vinegar Made?

There are few items in your home that are as versatile as white vinegar. From garden maintenance to cleaning tough messes, vinegar is a versatile and handy ingredient to have on hand for many different things. It may surprise you that white vinegar has been around for thousands of years, and while the process of making it may have changed, its popularity hasn’t. Read on to learn how vinegar is made, and how you can use it around your house in place of harmful chemicals. How is Vinegar Made? The white vinegar you see on the shelves at your local grocery store... Read more →

How Automotive Dealers & Mechanics Can Maintain their Parking Lots & Work Spaces

For businesses like car dealerships and repair shops, vehicle traffic is almost constant throughout the day. All of this traffic can add up to you need to have more frequent asphalt repairs throughout the year. Keeping up with your regular parking lot maintenance may seem like something that can be largely ignored, but it is especially important for businesses that deal with vehicles all day long. Your parking lot is the first thing that customers see when they arrive at your dealership or repair shop, and if it’s in poor repair, it can give them the wrong impression. A well-maintained... Read more →

How To Unclog a Commercial Drain

If there is one thing that all commercials businesses have in common, it’s that they rely on properly functioning drains each and every day. Whether you’re a hair salon, restaurant, or a traditional office, plumbing plays an important part in keeping things running smoothly for your employees and customers. Unfortunately, this also means that you are certain to deal with clogs from time to time. Calling a plumber can be expensive, and it can take hours for them to actually arrive. Read on to learn some ways that you can address clogs yourself to keep your business from having to... Read more →