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Why Switch to an All-Natural Lift Station Cleaner?

Post By Hugo Iriarte

Grease is a big problem for waste management facilities. Balls and blankets of grease and other gross stuff will stick to the walls of lift stations and sewage systems. If not properly addressed, grease buildup can cause slowdowns and system damage.

To avoid problems with valves, motors, pumps, ventilation, and other parts of wastewater equipment, operators will use chlorinated solvents to eliminate any grease, fat and oil buildup. The problem is that these powerful chemicals are terrible for their systems and the environment.

We think that eco-friendly products, including all-natural degreasers, should be used as much as possible, especially for lift station maintenance. For example, D-Limonene is an all-natural degreaser that can eliminate grease buildup in lift stations without harming the environment. But making the switch to an all-natural solvent isn’t as black and white as it should be.



    Why do some people hesitate to make the switch to an all-natural cleaner?

    Raw sewage facilities aren’t exactly the best place to take risks. To eliminate grease buildup in lift stations, cities and operators rely on chlorinated solvents to get the job done. Using anything else is just treacherous. Like most people, facility managers, and lift station operators follow the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Switching to an “all-natural” product could backfire if it doesn’t work as well as the other chemical. And when you’re working with something as biohazardous as sewage, making a mistake isn’t an option.

    Luckily, all-natural degreasers have been proven to work just as hard as toxic chlorine solvents -- just without the toxic part and the chlorine part. For instance, our Eco Degreaser is a granular lift station and sewer cleaner. Use it to tackle scum blankets, grease balls, and odors in a more natural way.

    What makes all-natural solvents the best choice?

    Going all-natural doesn’t have any drawbacks. Here’s why you should invest in an all-natural industrial cleaner, like Eco Degreaser for sewer line and lift station maintenance.

    • You won’t harm wildlife or bodies of water.
    • You won’t get in trouble for polluting the environment.
    • You may be eligible for tax breaks.
    • You won’t be putting your employees in harm’s way.
    • Your facility will operate as efficiently as it did before.



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