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Factory Direct Chemical Blogs — snow and ice

How Much Rock Salt or Ice Melt Do I Need – and Where to Get it in Bulk

With winter nearly halfway gone, there’s no doubt that you have probably already spread your fair share of ice melt to keep slipping hazards at bay. But even after months or even years of using ice melt products, many people are still left wondering how much ice melt they should really be applying to their surfaces. And if you’re going through multiple bags of your ice melt product each season, you might also be wondering if there was an option to buy it in bulk instead of just a few bags at a time. Read on to help dispel some... Read more →

Best Ice Melt for New Concrete

The warmer temperatures of summer and fall often mean a busy period for pouring new concrete, for everything from roads to sidewalks to driveways. This time is followed by a few months of delight as you and other drivers enjoy the new smooth surfaces – and one of the last things on your mind is likely how your ice melt product might affect it come wintertime. Picking the right ice melt product for new concrete is extremely important in order to avoid damage to your surfaces, as some products can cause significant damage in just one season and ruin all... Read more →

How to Melt Ice on Your Windshield

Perhaps one of the more bothersome tasks in winter months is removing ice from your vehicle’s windshield. While most of us have scrapers handy to chip away the ice, sometimes they are ineffective at removing thick layers. Waiting instead for your defroster to melt it away can take more time than you can spare when it’s time to head to work. Being in a rush is what leads some people to simply drive with ice on windshields – potentially dangerous and illegal activities that can have serious ramifications for drivers and businesses alike.  Ice Equals Poor Visibility It seems common... Read more →

Difference Between Rock Salt and Ice Melt

As soon as you enter a department store searching for an ice-melting product, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands and options in front of you. As you look at the bags and see things “pure rock salt” and “pet-safe ice melt.” Your head is spinning from the sheer number of options that all really look the same, and you’re thinking back to 5th grade to check if you know the difference between sodium chloride to calcium chloride. (Hint: probably not.) Is there much of a difference between rock salt and ice melt? Or is it... Read more →

Why is Rock Salt Dangerous?

Sodium chloride, more commonly referred to as rock salt, has been the ice melt product of choice across the United States for decades. Cheap and plentiful, rock salt once provided a reasonably effective and thrifty ice melt option for municipalities looking to deal with heavy snow and winter storms each year. Something that wasn’t taken into consideration until recently, however, is the effect that the millions of tons of rock salt spread each year can have on the people and the environment. Negative Effects on the Environment Even if you are very conscientious about removing ice melt or excess rock... Read more →