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Factory Direct Chemical Blogs — Construction

Why do Potholes Form?

Across the U.S., there is one constant issue that everyone from citizens to businesses has to deal with as they navigate winter roads: potholes. These ever-present annoyances seem to crop up at record speed as soon as temperatures dip and snow begins to fall. This leaves many people wondering how potholes form, and others how best to repair them. Read on to learn the answers to both of these questions. Roads Are Made of Layers Modern roads and parking lots are made of asphalt, a mixture of small, angular rocks and tar that lock together when pressed with a roller... Read more →

How to Fix Cracks in Concrete

Did you invest in a new concrete surface this past year, only to find that you are already seeing cracks or holes in your surface with weeks of winter weather still looming? More often than not, these cracks in your concrete are the result of a common practice around the nation: using rock salt to melt ice. While leaving ice on your concrete poses a serious hazard, removing it using rock salt leaves behind ice melt, which seeps into the pores of your concrete. As temperatures fluctuate, this ice melt refreezes and melts in a process called the freeze-thaw cycle,... Read more →

Patch Your Potholes for Holiday Travelers

If there is one thing that areas with cold temperatures and snowy weather have in common, it’s that their roads and walkways are prone to cracks and holes. No matter how well you maintain your surfaces, winter’s temperature fluctuations can wreak all sorts of havoc on concrete and asphalt. Once the snow is gone, these issues can be easy to overlook when spring and summer present so many other maintenance tasks to be completed. However, repairing these damages is an extremely important aspect of path and roadway safety maintenance, especially at the end of the year when the holiday season... Read more →

Dust Control Products: Which One is Right for You?

It is a well-known fact that a lot of dust kicked up by road traffic and construction machinery each and every day and that this dust can pose both a safety and a health hazard to those who are exposed to it. Dust control is an important consideration for business owners, landowners, and construction site managers, as dusty conditions decrease visibility, cause damage to property, and can pose health risks to both people and livestock. Gone are the days when spraying plain water on unpaved areas was adequate enough to make both the public and city officials happy. Now, newer... Read more →

Effective Dust Control Solutions for a safer Community & Workplace

Does the dust from your construction site spread into the air and cause a nuisance? Maybe dust is blowing from your property’s dirt road or from your horse arena. Either way, dust isn’t just a cleanliness problem; it can lead to other complications like reduced air quality and visibility. Dust inhalation is also a big issue. Even a small amount of dust can cause severe issues for those with asthma and other respiratory problems. Continued inhalation can lead to respiratory illnesses, including scoliosis. Here’s the good news: Numerous affordable solutions are available to control dust around homes, businesses, or worksites.... Read more →