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Products to Make Your Winter Easier

Post By Amanda LaForest

Each year, the onset of winter months bring the anticipation of weeks filled with holiday fun and festivities – but that isn’t all they bring. You can also count on sleet, ice, snow, potholes, treacherous driving conditions, and many other assorted problems that often cause headaches for business owners and municipalities across the U.S. But dealing with these problems doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Read on to learn about four products that can make your job easier – and your work environment safer.

Snow & Ice Melt

The most time-consuming issues that have to be dealt with during winter are snow and ice removal. Both can cause not only safety concerns for employees and customers but can also cause a mess and even damage to indoor flooring surfaces. While removing snow can be a straightforward process at times, it becomes more difficult as snow accumulates or is very wet, and fails to address the issue of ice, which can be a major liability hazard.

Using a snow and ice melt product, such as our Green Gobbler Snow & Ice Pellets, helps to address safety concerns associated with slip and fall risks. Our product is made with calcium chloride, a safer and more effective alternative to traditional rock salt. Calcium chloride generates exothermic heat to melt ice and snow effectively in temperatures down to -40 degrees. It also helps to lower the refreezing temperature of ice melt, helping to prevent concrete cracking and spalling from the freeze-thaw cycle. 



      Boiler Treatment

      Being able to rely on your boiler system to keep your building toasty warm during the cold months is a high priority. If your system is poorly maintained, there is a pretty good chance that you could face a system failure that could leave your building without heat. The key to keeping your boiler system operating as it should is to keep the water within it clean. This can be easier said than done, as sludge from scaling, rust, corrosion, impurities, and bacteria can quickly build up within your system and cause restricted flow and even total blockages, which in turn prevents heat from being distributed throughout your building. Our Boiler Treat ULTRA+ is a complete boiler treatment solution that can prevent sludge from building up in your system by eliminating impurities from your water. It also helps to put a protective layer on the boiler’s interior surfaces, which helps to prevent rust and sludge adhesion.

      Asphalt Patch

      Winter’s fluctuating temperatures and wet conditions don’t just make surfaces slippery, it also affects their stability. Potholes seem to crop up at an alarming rate during the cold months, and increased holiday traffic only serves to worsen the situation. While patching potholes used to be something that could only be done in warmer months, there are now products on the market that allow users to fill their holes in just about any temperature or weather condition. Our ASPHALT PATCH is a near-instant repair option for businesses and municipalities that want to address potholes before they pose a safety hazard. It can be applied in temperatures down to 15 degrees and can be driven on just one hour after application.

      Windshield Washer & Deicer

      When you think of ways to keep your employees safe during inclement weather, windshield deicer might not come to mind – but for employers that have fleet vehicles, it should be. During the wettest months of winter, ice can form thick enough on windshields that it can take upwards of half an hour for the defroster to warm it up enough to melt completely. And on large trucks, busses, or tractor-trailers, scraping the ice off isn’t always an option. That is why we offer a Windshield Washer & Deicer Concentrate, a methanol-based windshield cleanser that can pull double duty as a deicer when used undiluted. The product works almost instantly to remove ice from windshields, thus preventing safety hazards associated with poor visibility. And when spring rolls around, the product can be diluted and used in place of traditional wiper fluid to keep windshields clean and clear.

      Maintaining a safe environment is always an area of concern on commercial properties, but achieving it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Our products have been designed to be the best at what they do, in order to make your life easier. Give one or all of them a try this season, and see the difference they can make for you!



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