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Patch Your Potholes for Holiday Travelers

Post By Amanda LaForest

If there is one thing that areas with cold temperatures and snowy weather have in common, it’s that their roads and walkways are prone to cracks and holes. No matter how well you maintain your surfaces, winter’s temperature fluctuations can wreak all sorts of havoc on concrete and asphalt. Once the snow is gone, these issues can be easy to overlook when spring and summer present so many other maintenance tasks to be completed. However, repairing these damages is an extremely important aspect of path and roadway safety maintenance, especially at the end of the year when the holiday season brings increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Why Repair Cracks and Holes?

Holes and cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces are the result of water from storms freezing, thawing, and refreezing. Failing to fix surface cracks and holes when they appear can actually lead to worsening damage with each freeze-thaw cycle. This will eventually result in damage so extensive that patching is no longer an option, and instead, major repairs will be required to fix the surface. Patching cracks and holes as they happen ensures better longevity of your paths and roadways. In addition, surface damage presents a safety hazard to both vehicle and foot traffic, and an accident as a result of poor surface maintenance can lead to costly litigation cases for business owners and municipalities alike.



      Two Products to Give You Options

      We offer two different products to help you to maintain your concrete and asphalt surfaces. The first is our traditional Asphalt Patch, an all-in-one instant paving patch and pothole filler that is a mixture of limestone, quartz, a petroleum solvent, and a petroleum asphalt base. In areas that are already experiencing freezing temperatures and snow, this product can still be used as it is safe to apply in temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires no primer, mixer, or special surface preparation, and can be applied in any type of weather conditions. Safe for use on concrete, asphalt, stone, and brick, this long-lasting and durable product can be driven on just one hour after application. Simply remove any loose debris from the application area, fill the crack or hole with Asphalt Patch approximately 2 inches above the surface, and tamp the area until the product is firmly packed. Add additional products as needed to bring the repaired area level with the surrounding surface.

      For surfaces with a lot of cracking, consider instead using our EPOXY Patching System, a high strength epoxy mortar system that can be feather-edged for the perfect finish. This quality makes it especially useful for repairing curbing and steps. The three-part system is simple to mix and use: simply add parts labeled A and B in the provided pail and mix for 3 minutes either by hand with a stick or with an electric drill mixer. Then, slowly add the aggregate in small amounts until the mixture is moist and easy to spread. Now you can apply the mixture to your affected area with a trowel.

      Either one of these products is an appropriate choice to repair an array of crack or hole issues on walkways, driveways, and in parking lots. No matter what kind of weather your region is currently experiencing, either product can be used even in cold or wet conditions. So pick some up today, and get those repairs done before the increase in Thanksgiving travelers threatens your surfaces!



      Shop Our EPOXY Patching System

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