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Non Toxic Weed Control Tips

Post By Hugo Iriarte

Weeds can take over your lawn in an instant. If you're seeing an uptick of weeds in your lawn or garden, you need a plan of action. If you wait too long, your garden can turn into an untamed jungle.

For many gardeners, farmers, property managers, and everyday homeowners, finding a non-toxic weed control product is a mighty task. As much as you want the weeds to be gone, you don't want to use dangerous chemicals to do it. Certain pesticides and herbicides (*cough* glyphosate) can persist in the soil for up to six months, depending on the climate, contaminating groundwater and local waterways.

Thankfully, controlling weeds organically isn't as hard as it sounds. Here’s how you can control weeds naturally without using toxic chemicals.

Get down and dirty.

The effective way to keep weeds from spreading is by pulling off their heads and digging up their roots. Sounds very Game of Thrones, we know. It's not the most elegant or time-effective method, but getting down and dirty is the most reliable way to get rid of weeds for good. If you don’t have a large area to cover, try getting down and dirty with this method.



    Use white vinegar.

    If you didn't know, vinegar is basically magic. It can be used for a wide range of projects inside and around the house. You could use vinegar as a household cleaner and get your home cleaner than its ever been. Or you could use it as a weed killer and clear out weeds in minutes. It really is the perfect all-purpose product.

    While vinegar is the perfect weed killer, you’ll need something stronger than the 5% vinegar you find at the store. To kill weeds, you’ll need vinegar with at least 20% acetic acid. Make a quick search for horticultural vinegar on Amazon or Google, and you’ll find more than a few vinegar-based weed killers with some stellar reviews. Vinegar weed killer contains at least 20% acetic acid, which is enough to destroy older perennial weeds. 

    White vinegar is derived directly from corn, so it’s all-natural. No VOCs, no toxic chemicals; it's just vinegar. Simple right?

    After spraying the vinegar, you should start to see weeds shrink and shrivel within a few hours. Expect full desiccation within a day. Remember: vinegar is a non-selective herbicide, so aim carefully. Use a piece of cardboard to shield vinegar from the plants and grasses that you like.

    Use salt and water.

    Got a few weeds coming through the cracks in your sidewalk? Try using saltwater. Salt has proven itself time and time again to be more than just a food ingredient. To kill small weeds with salt, all you have to do is wet the weed, add a little salt, and spray it again with water. You should start to see results in a few hours.

     If weeds are taking over your garden, grab your sword and shield (well, maybe just a spray bottle and vinegar) and tackle those weeds head-on. Do you have any organic weed killing tips? Let us know.



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