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How Your Business Can Make Efforts to "Go Green" in 2020

Post By Amanda LaForest

No matter what kind of business you run, you no doubt spend a fair amount of time shopping for supplies each month to ensure your facility is clean, your drains are clear, and your landscaping is weed-free. All of these tasks are best accomplished with an array of chemical-based products, many of which can be toxic to your employees and customers, as well as harmful to the environment. Going green might seem like a difficult or complicated thing to do for a business, but in fact it can be quite simple to make the change to green maintenance supplies.

Why Go Green?

The idea of going green may be a popular buzzword across industries, but why should you consider using greener chemicals at your business? There are two big considerations to answer this question. Firstly, many cleaners and other chemicals commonly contain ingredients that can pose a hazard to people. Ingredients like perchloroethylene, ammonia, and chloride, among others, can cause a range of issues, from respiratory irritation that makes it hard to breathe, to skin ailments like itching or rashes.

Secondly, these same ingredients can also cause damage to the environment when chemicals are washed down your drains. Once in the water table, these chemicals can cause a range of issues to both plant and animal life. They can cause accelerated algae growth, which inhibits the growth of other plants and reduces food supplies. Animals that drink contaminated water can experience health issues including an increased risk of cancer, reduced fertility, and even death due to poisoning.



    Small Changes, Big Impact

    Choosing to go green with chemicals at your business doesn’t have to be complicated, and can be done via small changes over time. Replace current chemicals with new, greener options as your current stock needs to be replenished, which saves you from having to buy everything all at once. Purchase in bulk whenever possible in order to get better pricing per unit. Assess what you are currently using to see if you can streamline how many products you need to have on hand. Lastly, buy concentrated products when available, which helps to save costs over time and reduce packaging waste as well as storage space requirements.

    Greener Cleaning Options

    The rise in popularity of green cleaning means that there is no shortage of options to help cover your cleaning and maintenance needs. These products work just as well as their chemically-based counterparts, without the health and environmental risks. We carry a range of options to help your business go green. Need a reliable weed control option? Try one of our industrial vinegars, which help to control weeds naturally. Vinegar is also a great cleaning option when used diluted, and can tackle even tough industrial cleaning needs with ease. Prefer a cleaner with a pleasant scent? Our Cold Pressed Natural Orange Oil and 100% Pure D-Limonene not only smell bright and refreshing, but also cut through grease and grime. Do you deal with frequent drain clogs? Use our Green Gobbler Dissolve Drain Clog opener, which clears drains effectively without corrosive chemicals.

    So if you’re looking to go greener with your business’s maintenance products, give our family of better cleaning products a try today!


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