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How to Melt Ice on Your Windshield

Post By Amanda LaForest

Perhaps one of the more bothersome tasks in winter months is removing ice from your vehicle’s windshield. While most of us have scrapers handy to chip away the ice, sometimes they are ineffective at removing thick layers. Waiting instead for your defroster to melt it away can take more time than you can spare when it’s time to head to work. Being in a rush is what leads some people to simply drive with ice on windshields – potentially dangerous and illegal activities that can have serious ramifications for drivers and businesses alike. 

Ice Equals Poor Visibility

It seems common sense to realize that driving without entirely removing ice from your windshield is a bad idea, and yet it seems you can see someone on the road doing just that every day. Ice reduces visibility when driving, especially when driving before or after sunset, as headlights from oncoming cars can cause glare on ice. Reduced visibility means that a driver is at risk of not seeing objects around them, including vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, or animals, and can lead to a potentially deadly accident. This is a major concern for companies that provide company vehicles or have delivery drivers, as such an accident can cause both legal and public relations issues.

With ice on your windshield, you don’t just pose a potential danger to yourself, but to other drivers and motorists. Some states actually have laws against driving with iced-over windows in an attempt to get drivers to keep their vehicles safe before hitting the road. Many drivers have gotten tickets that have resulted in a rise in insurance rates for both private citizens and companies alike.



    Poor Removal Options

    A popular suggestion for melting ice on your windshield is to throw some hot water on it. This, however, should never be done. The extreme temperature shift that your windshield will experience can cause it to crack or even shatter if there are existing chips. Even using lukewarm water poses an issue, as in very cold temperatures it will simply refreeze before it can be removed. Another suggestion is to apply a mixture of vinegar and water to your windshield at night to prevent ice from forming. This is a poor option as well, as the mixture must be removed immediately or else it will simply freeze, and many glass professionals believe vinegar can cause pitting in the windshield's surface over time.

    A Better Alternative to Melt Ice on Your Windshield

    For a fast and effective alternative to melt ice on your windshield, commercial liquid deicers are available. Our Windshield Washer and Deicer Concentrate is a fantastic option for both private citizens and commercial drivers. This methanol-based product can be used undiluted in the winter to quickly melt ice and snow from your windshield. As an added bonus, our deicer concentrate can be diluted and put directly in your windshield wiper fluid reservoir to be used as an extremely effective windshield cleaner, quickly cutting through salt residue, dirt, grime, streaks, and bug residue, and guaranteeing a crystal clear windshield year-round. This is an especially good option for large commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and buses, as manually cleaning these windshields can be difficult for drivers.

    This winter, skip the hassle of ice scrapers and the delays of defrosters. Give our Windshield Washer and Deicer Concentrate a try, and see how it can help to get you on the road with less hassle – and better visibility!       


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