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How to Clean Restaurant Appliances with Vinegar

Post By Amanda LaForest

It’s no secret that Americans love to eat out, and with such a high number of customers to deal with each week, it becomes all the more imperative for restaurants to be sure that they are keeping their kitchens clean no matter how busy they are. Clean kitchens reduce the chances of a patron becoming sick from viruses that love to populate on surfaces, such as salmonella or norovirus. If you’re sick of scrubbing down your kitchen at the end of each night with a bevy of noxious chemicals, there is a natural alternative you probably already have in your kitchen that promises shiny, disinfected surfaces: vinegar.

Deep Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is a great, all-natural option to keep your commercial kitchen sanitary and running smoothly. Just about every appliance and surface in your kitchen can be cleaned with vinegar. Use it to degrease your griddle or grill after you’ve scrubbed it with your pumice stone; simply apply half a cup of vinegar to the grill’s surface and rub with a rag, then scrape off any remaining vinegar. The acidic quality of vinegar makes it excellent for lifting stubborn stains and grease deposits that may not have been removed with the previous scrubbing.

Cleaning vinegar can also be used for more stubborn messes. To clean up burned-on food in your ovens, apply a paste of baking soda and water and let sit for a few minutes. Then, spray with vinegar and use a cleaning brush to scrub away grease and grime. Make sure to wipe out the oven with a wet rag to remove any remaining vinegar or baking soda, and avoid off-putting smells or flavors the next time your oven is used. Your oven racks can also be cleaned with vinegar and hot water; simply spray on the vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse it away.



    Use Vinegar for Surfaces & Other Appliances

    One of the best reasons to use vinegar for cleaning in a commercial kitchen is how well it cleans stainless steel surfaces. This makes it a great option for cleaning countertops, prep areas, sinks, and faucets, as well as fridges, ice makers, and dishwashers. Combine 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle for easy application. Spray down surfaces, let the vinegar sit for a few minutes, and then wipe with a clean rag or sponge. As an added bonus, vinegar acts to help deodorize surfaces, which makes it a great option to keep your fridge and ice maker odor-free.

    Many Vinegars for Many Uses

    We offer a variety of vinegars in varying strengths in order to address every possible cleaning vinegar need. From 5% for light cleaning tasks to 20% for heavy-duty messes, we are sure to have an option that will work best for you. So ditch the chemical-laden cleaning products and switch to something that is healthy for both you and the environment: good old-fashioned cleaning vinegar!


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