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How Much Rock Salt or Ice Melt Do I Need – and Where to Get it in Bulk

Post By Amanda LaForest

With winter nearly halfway gone, there’s no doubt that you have probably already spread your fair share of ice melt to keep slipping hazards at bay. But even after months or even years of using ice melt products, many people are still left wondering how much ice melt they should really be applying to their surfaces. And if you’re going through multiple bags of your ice melt product each season, you might also be wondering if there was an option to buy it in bulk instead of just a few bags at a time. Read on to help dispel some of the confusion on how much ice melt you need to use, and a great option for buying it bulk!

The Best Way to Apply Ice Melt

In order to be as effective as possible, ice melt needs to be applied in an even speckled pattern across surfaces. While city workers have the luxury of special spreaders mounted on to trucks to spread their ice melt products, this isn’t typically an option for businesses or homeowners. Instead, you should opt for a push-cart style spreader, which is commonly available for purchase at most large hardware stores and help to take some of the guesswork out of how much ice melt to spread. These types of spreaders can be adjusted to spread more or less ice melt, and spreads it in an even pattern, making them much more accurate and easier to use than your hands or a shovel.


    How Much to Apply

    There are a lot of variables that come into play when it comes to figuring out how much ice melt product to apply to your surfaces. Applying too much simply means that you are wasting your product – and your money. The biggest factors to consider are your outside temperature as well as your ground conditions. When temperatures are warmer, less product is needed to melt ice; when they are colder, more is needed. Likewise, if your surface is free of snow, less product is needed, and when snow is present, you will need more in order for the product to make its way through the snow and to your surface. Here are some general application guidelines for applying ice melt:

    When there is only light ice on the ground, rock salt should be applied at a rate of about 2.25 pounds per 500 square feet when temperatures around 28 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures are higher, decrease ice melt to about .75 pounds per 500 square feet. When temperatures are lower, or if you have snow or heavy ice, you can increase your usage up to a maximum of 5 pounds per 500 square feet.

    These rates of use will work for any type of ice melt. Remember, however, that rock salt poses a risk of causing damage to your concrete or asphalt, due to its relatively high refreezing point. To reduce or entirely eliminate the risk of freeze-thaw cycle surface damage like spalling and cracking, instead opt for a calcium chloride or magnesium chloride ice melt, such as our Snow and Ice Melt Pellets or our Pet Safe Ice Melt.

    Buying Ice Melt in Bulk

    If you are using more than just a few bags of ice melt each season, buying in bulk can help you save both time and money. As long as it is stored in a dry place, ice melt can keep for months without developing clumps. We offer both our Snow and Ice Melt Pellets and our Pet Safe Ice Melt in bulk, in a wide range of quantities to suit any ice melt need. And no matter which product you choose or how much you buy, it will be shipped to you for free, saving you from having to make a trip to buy it yourself.


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