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How Automotive Dealers & Mechanics Can Maintain their Parking Lots & Work Spaces

Post By Amanda LaForest

For businesses like car dealerships and repair shops, vehicle traffic is almost constant throughout the day. All of this traffic can add up to you need to have more frequent asphalt repairs throughout the year. Keeping up with your regular parking lot maintenance may seem like something that can be largely ignored, but it is especially important for businesses that deal with vehicles all day long. Your parking lot is the first thing that customers see when they arrive at your dealership or repair shop, and if it’s in poor repair, it can give them the wrong impression. A well-maintained parking lot shows customers that you care about your facility, and performing your regular surface maintenance can actually help prevent additional damage to your lot.

What Can Cause Asphalt Damage?

The biggest contributor to asphalt damage is a pretty obvious one–vehicle traffic. Because car dealerships and repair shops deal with cars all day long, they see more traffic in their parking lots than most other businesses. And those big trucks and semis that deliver items to you throughout the week can cause extra damage over time because of their extra weight. Once damage begins, other factors play a part in worsening it. Rain can work its way into cracks, slowly weakening the compacted base underneath it. During the winter, water will freeze, causing cracks to widen and potholes to form.

Reasons to Keep Your Asphalt Repaired

First and foremost, a well-maintained parking lot gives your business a polished and professional appearance. It is also safer for your customers, helping to avoid flat tires that can be caused by potholes and debris, as well as tripping hazards. For repair shops, they have the added concern of keeping their repair bays maintained as well. Uneven surfaces can make for an unsafe work environment for your employees. If either a customer or an employee becomes injured due to poor surface maintenance, you could end up having to make an insurance claim – or, worse yet, be facing a lawsuit.



    Better Maintenance, Better Parking Lots

    The advantages of filling cracks to repair asphalt aren’t just cosmetic – it can also increase how long your parking lot will last. Neglecting your parking lot will lead to a lot more damage over time. Filling cracks as needed, at minimum once per year, in combination with seal coating every three to five years, can help your parking lot last upwards of 30 years. Without this regular maintenance, you can expect to replace your parking lot in just half that amount of time.

    An Easy-to-Use Product for Asphalt Repair

    While asphalt repair may seem like a task you need to call in a professional to do for you, it is in fact easy to do yourself. We’ve designed our ASPHALT PATCH in order to make the process as simple as possible, while still ensuring that your asphalt repairs will be strong and long-lasting. Our all-in-one product requires very little surface prep; simply brush away loose debris and clean up any grease or oil. Then, apply the patch so that it is two inches above the surface level, and tamp until firmly packed. Fill in as needed to get a perfectly level surface. The patch is safe to drive on in just one hour, and can be applied in temperatures down to 15 degrees – even during rain or snow!

    Use our product to help keep your asphalt surfaces not only looking their best for as long as possible but also to keep them safe for your customers and employees!



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