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Easy & Safe Weed Control For Your Home Or Farm

Post By Morgan Sanchez

The Dream of a Weed Free Lawn

Every homeowner faces a common problem: pesky, ugly, annoying weeds. No matter where you live or how much you know about landscaping, a random seed taking root on your property is basically inevitable. In the spring and summer months, it can seem like a never-ending cycle of weed picking, weed killing, and lawn care in order to keep your property in good shape.

If you want your property to be weed-free, you’ll need to be dedicated to your lawn. You’ll also need to be proactive. Lawn care is a tricky game, and while a weed-free lawn is certainly attainable, you can’t make the same mistake twice.

Common Mistakes in Lawn Care

Whether you take care of your lawn on your own, or you hire someone else to do it, you should know exactly what steps to take in order to curb problems before they literally “crop up”. For a weed-free lawn, avoid:

  • Overwatering your lawn. Typically, only one inch of water per week is necessary for healthy lawn growth. Overwatering can damage the structure of the soil, making it easy for weeds to take hold.
  • Using too much fertilizer. Excess fertilizer will run down the lawn after watering, creating the perfect environment for new weeds/seeds to take hold and grow in your lawn.
  • Using the wrong weed killer. Some weed killers only work on certain types of weeds and grasses. Before you pick up any weed killer from Home Depot, check the label and make sure you are buying either a general weed killer or one that is specific to the weeds on your property.

Lawn care involves more planning than cranking up the lawnmower and mowing the grass. Cutting too close to the ground will effectively spread weeds seeds across the lawn. The higher your lawn grass is, the less water it will need. This will prevent thirsty weeds from cropping up unexpectedly overnight.



     Tips for Safe Weed Control

    Ideally, if you can get a good grasp on what weeds commonly grow in your area, that’s a great first step in the weed control process. Also, it may help to learn about the life cycle of certain plants in your area, so you can spot them when they’re young before they get a chance to germinate.

    Once you’re able to recognize weeds at a young age, you can pull them out, whether on the sidewalk or grass by the garage.

    If you have a larger weed problem, rest assured that most are susceptible to the acidic compounds of vinegar-based solutions. Different concentrations of horticultural vinegar get rid of weeds quickly. You never want too much or too little, as this can cause issues with the PH of the soil and make it easier for weeds to grow.

    Before you rely on a glyphosate-based weed killer, try our vinegar-based herbicides and weed killers for easy and safe weed control in your lawn and garden. Getting rid of the weeds you hate versus the plants you love is important work if you don’t want an invasive takeover.    

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