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Best Wholesale Pool Chemicals

Post By Amanda LaForest

While keeping your pool clean year-round is an important part of your regular maintenance, summer is an especially critical time for pool care. That’s because the increased temperatures and daylight hours affect the chemicals in your pool, and make your water even more susceptible to becoming dirty due to a buildup of algae. No one likes swimming in a green pool, so we’ve put together some summer pool maintenance tips as well as a list of chemicals that can help you keep your water clear all summer long.

Summer Cleaning Tips

  • Adjust Your Chlorine Levels

When chlorine is exposed to sunlight it breaks down and slowly decreases its effectiveness at keeping your pool free of algae and other bacteria. During summer, your chlorine will break down even faster than usual, so maintaining proper chlorine levels will require adding it to your pool more frequently. Be careful, however, not to add too much as it can cause skin and eye irritation.

One way to reduce the speed at which your chlorine breaks down is to use a solar blanket when your pool is not in use. Similar to a visor you might place in your car’s windshield, a solar blanket blocks out the sun from your pool water, helping your chlorine stay effective longer.

  • Avoid Using the Wrong Products

One tactic many pool owners resort to when fighting algae buildup is attempting to clean their pools using the wrong products. For example, some pool owners may feel inclined to buy shock for their swimming pools when chlorine levels get low. Unfortunately, while this may kill the algae, the algae still need to be removed correctly to clean the pool and prevent future growth. Proper use of chemicals is the key to keeping a healthy pool, so make sure you know how to use them properly.

  • Test Regularly for Phosphates

While phosphates are always present in your pool water, when levels get too high, it can be next to impossible to keep your pool clear. That’s because phosphates are food for algae, and where there is food, you can bet on algae growth. Test regularly the keep an eye on your phosphate levels, and correct them if they get too high.



Products that Can Help

If you’re looking for quality products to help you maintain the health of your pool this summer, we have a number of different options that can help! Need to reduce your pH levels? Try our Pool & Spa pH Reducer! This granular formula lowers high pool pH, and is safer and much easier to store than muriatic acid. It’s non-toxic, non-caustic, and even biodegradable. It will also stop equipment damage, surface damage, and algae buildup.

Need to increase your pH levels? Try our Pool & Spa pH Increaser! Known as sodium carbonate or soda ash, this product will raise a pH level under 7.2. Use soda ash instead of using splashy chemicals to fix pool pH. Simply measure and pour into your pool for lightning-fast pH adjustment. Sodium carbonate stabilizes chlorine and other pool chemicals, stopping skin and eye irritation for swimmers. It also helps to stop the corrosion of equipment, etching of plaster, and pool discoloration from dissolved materials.

If you ever have issues with foam build up, you can use our Pool and Spa Anti-Foam Defoamer Concentrate! Our Pool & Spa Anti-Foam Concentrate uses a special water-based silicone formula to knock down foam in pools and spas. It also works to prevent the formation of foam without disturbing the water chemistry or leaving behind an oily residue.

We hope this article has helped you learn some new tips on how to care for your pool during the hottest months of the year. While pool maintenance is a daily task for every pool owner, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Give our pool care products a try and see the difference they can make in your pool maintenance schedule!


Shop Pool & Spa pH Reducer | Sodium Bisulfate



Pool & Spa pH Increaser | Soda Ash | Sodium Carbonate



Pool & Spa Anti Foam Defoamer Concentrate


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