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Best Drain Clog Removers for Kitchen Sinks

Post By Amanda LaForest

Whether you cook in a home kitchen or a commercial one, chances are that you’ve had to deal with a clogged drain at least once in your life. From cooking grease to soap scum, there are many different materials that can contribute to a clog in your sink. And when you go to your local hardware store to pick up a drain cleaner, the options can be overwhelming – especially if you aren’t sure exactly what is causing your kitchen sink clog. So what can contribute to a kitchen sink clog, and what is the best drain cleaner to tackle the job?

Types of Clogs

Kitchen sinks see a lot of use both in the home and in restaurants. From cooking to cleaning dishes to washing hands, there are many different ways these uses can contribute to kitchen sink clogs. The most common offenders to clog your kitchen sink drain are grease and oil. While these products are often in liquid form when they go into the sink, once they cool down they solidify and can become lodged in your drain lines. Even if you are diligent about disposing of most of your cooking oil, residue on cooking utensils can still contribute to clogs over time, causing problems with your drain.

Another contributor to kitchen sink clogs is food. Even if you have a garbage disposal, some foods simply aren’t broken down as easily. This is especially true of coffee grounds and starchy foods like pasta, rice, and potatoes. These food items expand when they come into contact with water, which makes them heavy and prone to becoming stuck in the bends in your drain lines. Soap can also help to contribute to kitchen sink clogs as well. When you wash your hands or dishes, some soaps don’t dissolve totally and, when they become mixed with food particles, can form solid clumps that clog drains.



    Unsafe Options

    With the popularity of do-it-yourself options on the rise in recent years, the internet is awash with tips and tricks that are supposed to help clear your drain without chemicals. Many of these so-called tricks, however, are totally ineffective at removing clogs, and can actually cause damage to you or your pipes. Using bleach can cause toxic fumes if it accidentally mixes with another cleaner containing ammonia or acids. It can also etch delicate surfaces and cause pitting on drain openings. Pouring boiling water down the sink may loosen grease clogs a little bit, but not enough to actually flush them out of the drain lines. And the old baking-soda-and-vinegar tip may help freshen your drain but does nothing to dissolve clogs.

    The Best Drain Cleaner

    For a safe and effective method to remove clogs in your kitchen drains, try our Green Gobbler DISSOLVE Drain Opener. Our revolutionary formula is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-caustic, which means that it is safe for PVC and steel pipes, as well as garbage disposals and sink drains. The ultra-dense formula effectively sticks to clogs, helping to dissolve all types of materials, from the toughest grease and oil to soap scum build-up. Use is simple – just pour one chamber of the container down your drain, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, flush the drain with the hottest water possible. Now your drains will be clean, clear, and ready to take on another round of cooking and clean-up!



    Shop Our Green Gobbler Dissolve Drain Opener

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