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Factory Direct Chemical Blogs

Best Drain Cleaners for Hair Clogs

When someone opens a hair salon, barbershop, or dog grooming salon, dealing with drain clogs was probably one of the last things on their minds – until one inevitably occurs. Hair is the number one cause of drain clogs in homes and can be a never-ending problem for businesses that deal with hair on a daily basis. Not only can clogged drains cause a hiccup in your daily operations, but if you wait too long to use a drain cleaner, hair clogs can lead to serious problems, from completely blocked drains to sewer backups. That is why it is important... Read more →

How Much Rock Salt or Ice Melt Do I Need – and Where to Get it in Bulk

With winter nearly halfway gone, there’s no doubt that you have probably already spread your fair share of ice melt to keep slipping hazards at bay. But even after months or even years of using ice melt products, many people are still left wondering how much ice melt they should really be applying to their surfaces. And if you’re going through multiple bags of your ice melt product each season, you might also be wondering if there was an option to buy it in bulk instead of just a few bags at a time. Read on to help dispel some... Read more →

How to Fix Cracks in Concrete

Did you invest in a new concrete surface this past year, only to find that you are already seeing cracks or holes in your surface with weeks of winter weather still looming? More often than not, these cracks in your concrete are the result of a common practice around the nation: using rock salt to melt ice. While leaving ice on your concrete poses a serious hazard, removing it using rock salt leaves behind ice melt, which seeps into the pores of your concrete. As temperatures fluctuate, this ice melt refreezes and melts in a process called the freeze-thaw cycle,... Read more →

Best Ice Melt for New Concrete

The warmer temperatures of summer and fall often mean a busy period for pouring new concrete, for everything from roads to sidewalks to driveways. This time is followed by a few months of delight as you and other drivers enjoy the new smooth surfaces – and one of the last things on your mind is likely how your ice melt product might affect it come wintertime. Picking the right ice melt product for new concrete is extremely important in order to avoid damage to your surfaces, as some products can cause significant damage in just one season and ruin all... Read more →

Best Drain Clog Removers for Kitchen Sinks

Whether you cook in a home kitchen or a commercial one, chances are that you’ve had to deal with a clogged drain at least once in your life. From cooking grease to soap scum, there are many different materials that can contribute to a clog in your sink. And when you go to your local hardware store to pick up a drain cleaner, the options can be overwhelming – especially if you aren’t sure exactly what is causing your kitchen sink clog. So what can contribute to a kitchen sink clog, and what is the best drain cleaner to tackle... Read more →