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Factory Direct Chemical Blogs

How to Get Rid of Rust Stains

No matter how much we may try to avoid it, most metal objects that are left outside will eventually be plagued with rust, from your patio furniture to handrails to gutters. If left unchecked, over time this rust will literally eat away the metal until it collapses. Though this can take years or even decades, you don’t have to let rust damage ruin your metal. Read on to learn how rust forms, and how you can help protect your metal items even after rust has formed. How Does Rust Form? Rust, put simply, is the corrosion of a metal from... Read more →

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Weed Killer

Sometimes, even after using hours of research online and at your local garden center, you end up with a weed killer that simply isn’t as effective at controlling weeds as you had hoped it would be. This can be due to a variety of factors, from applying when it was too cold to simply having stubborn weeds. But don’t give up and throw it out just yet, because we have an option to help even so-so weed killers become extremely effective at controlling weeds around your home or business. Our Green Gobbler Agricultural Weed Killer Booster is a wetting agent... Read more →

How to Change Your Soil’s pH for Different Vegetables

Most people know that vegetables need a few basic things to thrive: the right amount of water, the right amount of light, and quality soil. But did you know that there is more to soil than simply buying a bag at your garden center, or planting vegetables directly in your backyard? One of the biggest determining factors of how well your vegetables will grow is the pH of your garden soil. All plants like their soil to be a certain pH in order for them to thrive. So what is soil pH, and how can you change it to meet... Read more →

What is Earth Day and How Can You Do Your Part to Save Our Planet

The idea of natural and organic gardening may seem like a current trending topic, but it is in fact far from new. National awareness about the negative effects of pollution from chemical pesticides and herbicides started decades ago, thanks to a holiday that most people have heard of: Earth Day. This year is the 50th anniversary of the event, and its mission remains as important as it was when the first Earth Day celebration took place back in 1970. Read on to learn a little more about Earth Day, and how you can do your part by being aware of... Read more →

What You Should & Shouldn't Clean With Vinegar

When you go to the supermarket to do your regular shopping, chances are you often have to make a stop in the cleaning aisle. With all of the natural cleaning products being added to the shelves these days, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the different options. If you’d like to simplify both your shopping list and your cleaning regimen, you can’t beat vinegar for all-around effectiveness at cleaning many different areas of your home. Keep reading to learn the many different surfaces that can benefit from vinegar’s cleaning power – and a few you should... Read more →